Running late for the 7:44 245
Pants on backwards
Too late to change
Juggling umbrella, gloves, earbuds, iPhone,
An attempt to put the left hand glove
On the right
Miraculously don’t lose anything
On the fast tromp down the hill
Just miss the crossing light
Too many drive-to-kill commuters
To defy the red hand of “Don’t Walk”
The voice from the pole commands “Wait!”
The 245 slips into Bay 4
The dash with the recalcitrant
Umbrella not ready to close
The mad dig for Orca pass
Tangles with the earbud wire
Popping the left one out
Climbing onto the bus
Listening to half music
No beep, no green light
Swipe! No beep, no green light
The driver smiles
Points out the reader below
You’ve used it countless times before
Swipe! Green light! Beep!
Smile back
Walk casually, sit daintily
In your favorite seat on the bus
And laugh at the slapstick of your own sweet life

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