On the Way To Ashland

Road closed sign, foreground, dirt road stub and peak, background

End of Hart’s Pass Road

Our yearly treks to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival entail an element of suspense, anticipation, surprise and discovery. We go with another couple and each couple takes turns driving. To the drivers goes the routing which becomes a well-kept, but much sought after secret. Although we could get from the Seattle area to Ashland, Oregon in about 8 hours I-5 all the way–why? There is so much out there to see. We leave several days ahead and have taken jet-boat trips, seen osprey catch a fish from the Rogue River, been to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Yosemite, wandered and picnicked beach trails along the Washington and Oregon coasts, slept in fire lookout towers, wandered lava tubes, Oregon Caves, giant redwoods and the historic Pete French Round Barn. I hope to add further detail on these trips.

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