No Huckleberry Pie

There are, indeed, many things on the road to Ashland, but there is apparently no huckleberry pie. One year on the way to Ashland we discovered what is now a favorite lunch spot for either the route down or the return trip: Beckie’s. We will make slight alterations in order to have lunch here and have pondered staying in the nearby cabins some year. The first best thing about Beckie’s is the porch and screen door. This screen door brings back memories of visits to grandmothers and aunts and is what a screen door should look like, feel like to open and sound like when it swings and latches shut. The temperature inside is always perfect with a nice breeze of fresh air from screened open windows and the folks that greet you, well…they greet you! I love their sandwiches and their hand built pies. On the long list of pies, there it is, standing out, calling to me like the Sirens, tempting me–insert sunrise chords and joyful “Laaaaaaa!” chorus: Huckleberry…insert dusky chords and drumbeats of suspense: (in season). We have been “too early”. We have been “too late”. We have arrived just after the last slice from the last pie of the season was sold. We have been there during “Huckleberry season” on a year when weather and pests weren’t kind to huckleberries so there was no crop for pies. We have tweaked our timing of arrival to try to make “Huckleberry season”. Alas and alac we now are convinced there just is no Huckleberry Pie on the way to Ashland. We won’t stop trying though and in the meantime will enjoy the other berry pies and many pleasant lunches at Beckie’s. if you are anywhere near Crater Lake, stop in for lunch…and if they have Huckleberry pie, well, bring one back for me please!

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  1. Klee Gerard

    No – it is just a LIE!

    We will not be fooled again.

    They have played on our trust and optimism once too many times. If it was something trivial it would be different – but you don’t mess around with people’s pie holes.


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