We Who Were 18

We who were 15
Who followed Woodstock
Or made the journey
And sat in the rain and mud
For music and freedom and community
For three days of peace and music

We who were 15
Who followed Woodstock
Who quietly wanted to go
But lacked one thing or two
To make it happen

We who were 15
Who wove tiny bells into our braids
And played Bob Dylan songs on our guitars
Or tried
Our mouth harp mounted around our necks
“It’s alright ma”

We who were 16
Who skipped school to cross the bridge
To march against the Vietnam War
And have our ideals dashed by the violence
Marching for peace in a throng breaking windows
And fighting in Seattle

We who were 16
And saw news crews with their cameras
And realized we shouldn’t have worn our
Unique green coat
Who feared being spotted by our parents
Good people watching the evening news

We who were 18
Now armed
With voter registration cards
Proudly displayed in our wallets
Opposite our driver’s license
Certain we would make the difference in 1972

We who were 18
We are still 15 and 16 and 18
Who still have hopes and dreams
Who want three days of peace and music and more
And are certain we will make the difference

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