Published! “Skateboard Girl On the 5 Fulton”

“Skateboard Girl On the 5 Fulton“, my second book, is a collection of poems. It includes more Transit Posts, Mom Had Alzheimers poems, English Haiku and other tiny poems. Continued thanks to those of you who have provided moral support for my writing, to my blog followers, especially to Klee Gerard, faithful reader, trusted to always tell me the truth, and thank you to my publisher,!

“Celeste Blue” is available on the “Local Authors” shelf here in Ashland at Bloomsbury Books. Also from the local library, Jackson County Library System, at Amazon, and from my publisher’s online bookstore.

Image may contain: ‎water and outdoor, ‎text that says '‎Lou Nell Gerard's Celeste Blue a compilation of short stories and poems published, 2020. She has been published Toasted Cheese Literary Journal: Eidolon placed TCU's Dead of Winter Contest, Derecho, laced their 20184 Midsummer Tale Contest Fixies Gold their Three Tiger Mystery Contest. She shares her thoughts eading, writing, film, and friendship her blog. Three Muses Writing. She lives in Ashland, Skateboard Girl On the 5 Fulton Poems Lou Nell Gerard ר0n Nell INR 200 US 78930-123901‎'‎‎

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