In Celebration of Crows

A beautiful crow just made a landing with something really large and tasty-looking.  She laid it down under the maple tree and let out some celebratory cawing.  I actually couldn’t hear the cawing from up here in my office; however, I could see the cawing.  Now she is strolling around nearby apparently in search of something to accompany her snack.
It is raining and my office is cold.  Seeing the crow made me smile.

Do they know when you are in pain or anxious or depressed?
I know they recognize faces.
I was walking into a building once, actually slowing with reluctance, dreading the pain I knew I’d experience from opening the heavy door and I had three doors to get through. I heard cawing. Unlike me, I didn’t smile nor did I attempt to locate the source. More cawing, more insistent this time right above me. I did look up and there above the entry sat a beautiful black bird. I greeted with my usual “Hello fine bird!” The crow whose head was at that angle birds seem to adopt to communicate with humans, flicked his feathers and raised his wings to fly off. I smiled. I think they know when a friend needs encouragement and cheering.

Many years ago my office looked over a courtyard, a part of the roof to the cafeteria and what we called the habit-trail to an adjacent building. There was a group of crows on the roof of the cafeteria. They took turns at strolling up to the edge, pausing, then just stepping off. As they started to “fall” they would open their wings and capture the air and soar. They would circle back around, join their companions and await their turn to do it again. I spent a delightful break from work watching these crows play. I am often inspired by this memory. When I’m feeling stuck, confidence low and am hesitating over doing something, I remember these crows and smile. It helps me to “step off the roof” and spread my wings and trust.

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