Movie Triptychs

Many of you know I’m a big fan of Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I could attempt to wax poetic about all the things I value about TCM, but I’ll save that volume for another day. One of those things is their programming on a theme. Many evenings the lineup of movies featured have a common thread such as same director, cinematographer, cinematographer/director pair, music, studio, subject matter, actor or actor pairs or director/actor pairs, one month they explored disability in film. TCM also features guest programmer nights where someone co-hosts with Robert Osborne and makes the movie selections for that evening. I have this fantasy of magically being a guest programmer on TCM some day and so I ponder that “what if” and think about the movies I would chose. I tend to think in ‘threes’ and think of these as movie triptychs (though often the guest programmers select four or five movies). This exercise has given me great admiration for the dedication and discipline these programmers and guest programmers must have. Since this is my own fantasy I can do it over and sneak a movie in from one list to another and if I make a mistake, it is only “make believe”. Well I hope these may bring to you something you perhaps have not seen or act as jump-off points for your own explorations with movies.

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