“Tengo Miedo”

We were in Cabo San Lucas many years ago and had taken a water taxi to Land’s End. We were to jump off the bow into the surf and walk ashore. Our companions and Klee had all gotten off unaware that I was frozen with fear. I didn’t want to be separated and go back by myself, but I could not jump off that bow into the surf. The taxi men just wanted to unload folks and turn back to pick up another fare. They were motioning me off the boat and I could see they were getting impatient with me. The only thing left for me was honesty and communication. Fortunately I remembered enough Spanish and looked at the men and said “Tengo miedo! Tengo miedo” (basically “I’m afraid, I’m afraid”). Their faces changed to kindness and compassion. I became their little sister. One immediately jumped into the surf, the other two, with great gentleness, picked me up and passed me into the arms of their companion in the surf who then set me down and, holding my hand, walked me to the relatively shallow ankle-deep bubbles of surf. “Gracias! Gracias!”

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