Sadness of Selfie Sticks

A group of them
Walking side by side
But each alone
Lost in their own world
Unable it seems to simply
Be in this beautiful place
Eyes glued not to the palm trees
Not to the Pacific Ocean waves
Not to the sandy beach
Each alone on a sidewalk
It could be any sidewalk
They might as well be home
These girls
Eyes glued on a screen
At the end of a stick
Eyes glued on the moving image of themselves
Maybe a ghost of their traveling companions
On the periphery
A backdrop of sidewalk
And maybe my feet as I catch up
And pass
Do they feel validated only when captured
Directing their own little reality video
Narcissism? Vanity? Or a feeling of Inferiority?
Sad to fly all this way into paradise
And not be here, see it, feel it, live it
Sadly Ani DiFranco is right:
“Art may imitate life,
but life imitates TV”

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  1. Irene Holden

    Oh so true Lou Nell. Very well said as usual! Everyone’s new friend is the Selfie Stick…how sad. As Idris is now 11months old, I tend to be in the moment and enjoy his laugh, smile, new adventure instead of just trying to capture it in a still. I will never have that moment again and I find these days, I’d rather just enjoy!


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